Monday, June 14, 2004

allofmp3.com Review

So I was watching TechTV (or G4TechTV seeing how it has been bought out) and on the ScreenSavers, they mentioned this russian site for downloading MP3's really cheap. (I mean CHEAP!) so I thought I would check it out myself. So here is my review of allofmp3.com:
First off, I had trouble getting to the english site. The main page when you first load it is in russian with a little english button on the side. When I clicked on that, the web page just went blank (I mean no 404 error or any error, just white). So I thought it might be down because it was just on TechTV. So the next day, I tried again, and still the same thing. Then I did a little googleing and found a link to a sub page in english, I clicked on it, and that showed up. Ever since then, I've had no problems getting on the english portion of the site. I signed up, gave them a just e-mail address (really mine, but used for junk) and put down ten dollars using paypal (for some reason, I don't trust Russian sites with my credit card). Then I went to the downloading. Their selection is pretty good for being a Russian site, I was impressed. Apperently they have alot of hard to find albums that you can not find (like iTunes or Napster). But best of all, is the price. They charge you buy how many megabytes you use, not by song or album. And the total cost is .01$ per megabyte. Talk about cheap. The download speeds are not quite as fast at iTunes, you only get a mere 30Kbps on a good day, but I would say always above 20Kps. That is better than I get using some P2P program. I'm willing to wait the few extra seconds and save a few bucks. I've downloaded two albums and a few singles and still have 8 dollars ( keep in mind I only started with 10 ). But the best part about this service, is you get to pick the format and quality you download. You can choose between .ogg, .mp3, .acc, and a few others. And you get to choose the bit rate, like 128 or 192. I download in 192 ACC, and it is about .07 cents per song. Now the big down side, I don't know if this site is legal in the United States. I've been reading forums, and some say it is, and some say it is not. But until the RIAA finds a way to stop United States Citizens from downloading from this site, it is the first place I'm going to turn to for music. I give this service a 4 out of 5.



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